Suggestion For InterNACHI Agreement Page

On the instruction page that is sent to the client… it would be helpful
for the client to read that it takes a TWO step process to sign off on
the agreement.

1- Initial and sign agreement.
2- Respond to email to confirm.

I have had several clients tell me they did not know about the second step.

I love the InterNACHI agreement and this is suggested to help everyone.

I’ve encountered the same issue. I’d also like to see a “Print Agreement” or “Printable Version” button/option on the InterNACHI online agreement page that I can go back and easily print a previous agreement…(without going to the File menu on my computer and printing it from there).

It would also be great to be able to re-send an agreement that for whatever reason my client didn’t receive without having to create another agreement for the same property.

Same here

Chris… see this?

I agree!

Chris are you home?

Chris doesn’t visit the message board unless you email him with the thread link at

OK… I will email this too Chris.


Same issue 3 times last month.


Same here, the second step is always missed.

Why not…bump!

Links are great, but I often need to add my own rider .
Condo for instance.
That being said a link button would be nice, though I have a copy on my own web site.

Hey guys,

We’re working on a new version of the agreement system that will incorporate a lot of your suggestions. We’ll definitely try to sort this stuff out in the new system (which should actually be coming out pretty soon).


Updates? Any changes imminent? Thanks in advance.