Suggestions For My Businesses Card

Have A Suggestions For My Businesses Card Idea?

Hey John,

The montage of images seems to be “to busy.” I would go with one or two images at most. Also, the yellow text is hard to read on the black background.

My first business card design was a black background with white text. I got a lot of feedback from clients that it was dificult to read.

IMHO…good luck :slight_smile:


Good points Kevin

Here are some good images that you can use if you like.







Hi John,
Sounds like thermal things are going well for you. Thats good!

As far as the cards, I agree with Kevin, too busy.
I would think about replacing all your pics with one really good thermal pic of whole house and then play with one background color for the left side and bottom.
maybe also get rid of the price and emphasize the 2 day part. since most folks that have looked at thermal imaging and training know thats its over 1500-that may be enough incentive for them to call and ask price. (and you can change if needed without redoing cards)

course thats all my humble opinion.:wink:

Thanks Jamie… good to hear from you.

I would agree, John. Nix the price on the card. If you list it, especially with that “only” highlight, you will look like a cheap opportunist.

To paraphrase a local carpet company, “Not low priced training, but quality training at a low price.”

Hope this helps;

John, I am overhauling my brochures and cards too.
Here’s a rule to follow: creative, bold, simple
Just like the billboards I used to build and maintain.

This card is for home inspectors and not the general public. Its also about thermal imaging. To me, busy is fine for home inspector training with thermal, and it looks good. I see the class room, the training experience and cost. I say it works for me.