New Inspector/member… anybody have any recommendations for report software? I have a mac, I would switch to a PC if that is better supported by the industry software that is available currently. Basically, looking to go the right direction the first time! Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!:slight_smile:

Home Inspector Pro. Works on Mac and PC. Best support in the industry.

Do a search and you will find dozens of threads on this exact subject.

Thanks for your reply! I have noticed some of the posts. I am looking into the Iphone 4s and hoping that this will be the way to go! Does that software offer any marketing advantages? Thanks again!

I use HIP in my marketing all the time as the clients appreciate the best looking UI in the business.
Check out the samples on all and look how much easier it is to navigate for a client.
HIP is not set up for i phone but does as mentioned work the exact same on Mac as it does windows.

I think Dom is going to set up for Android before i phone.

Home Inspector Pro

Thanks guys. John, download our trial at If you’d like to use it in the field free just let me know and I’ll send you a special InterNACHI member license (lasts longer).

Thanks guys! I will check it out … Dominic appreciate your help earlier and I will download the trial!

You can load windows on that mac and run any program you want!

You can but then you’re not running Mac anymore!