Suing A Home Inspector

It is those “kind” of people who make me ill! THREE years later! I wonder if he tries to sue his doctor if he gets an exam and a year later gets sick- Geeesh. The bad thing is, I bet a lawyer would take the case.

He bought the home in 2002 and living in it for a little over three years so this article was from approximately 2005. In Texas he has four years to pursue this and still collect from the TREC Inspector Recovery Fund. However he will need to obtain a civil judgment first.

In this case, if the Inspector did his job properly and documented the inspection well, he does not really stand a chance of winning anything. In many parts of Texas, parts of Tyler included, we have highly expansive soils and a number of other problematic sources of foundation failures. We are now going into our third year of a bad drought. If this home required regular foundation maintenance activities, i.e. maintaining moisture levels around the foundation, then the owner may have a hard time pressing a case if they did not perform their duties.

If you are interested in reading of Texas soil and foundation problems a great site is .

There are going to be a lot of foundation problems for the next few years because of this drought. Hopefully our Inspectors will use this as a prompt to document, document and document the inspection some more!!!

Where did you get the number of **four **years?
Can you provide a link for that please?

Food for thought .
It would be great if some one got called into court and he had 25 home Inspectors show up as witnesses some who did not know the inspector.
This could show what they would report.
Roy Cooke

Sue the builder is more like it.

At one point it was four years to file a complaint. Checked the Texas Occupation Code and they now show 2 years to make a claim for the Recovery Fund. ( Section H ).

I believe a complaint, not with intent for recovery from the fund, is still allowed within 4 years. Can not find the reference for it though.