Sulfates attacking Concrete Foundations

I became aware of Foundation problems in this area a while back.

This makes an interesting read. I had never heard of this before myself.

Darren noted it last year here.

I see it in different areas… all the time. It’s not just the foundations, it’s the flat work and other hard surfaces. What’s appears to be efflorescence at first, may ultimately be just that, or, will progress to a Spalding mess in years to come, as HI’s, it’s impossible for us to predict IMO.

In the tracts, if you were to look at the soils reports and the SE’s rec’s for the mix, you’d probably not find the correct types of mixes used. Would we know that…? I’m not sure how. Ugly issue, either way you slice it up.

I did not have any idea about Sulfates before Tim. Very interesting and eye opening.