This is what sulfur can do. The water was leaking in the garage from the well.


was that a free flowing well? have seen those where the sulfur leaves a snot like buildup at the well point where the pump is missing.

Yes it is free flowing. See the white under the leak that is sulfur.

Yeah that’s nasty stuff. It clogs the irrigation systems in orange groves too. They open the line ends every so often and a pile of goop comes out.

John thanks for posting that. I’m curious to know though, would that damage from sulfur just be limited to the garage area?



I looked in the home and found corrosion at the fixtures that was not unusual for an older beach home. The electrical copper in the home was fine. The corrosion on the plumbing fixtures was not blackened.

Thought this post was going to be about toxic drywall…yeck.

That was the point, sulfur is sulfur and it comes from different places.

That’s what I thought John. That’s why its important to mlook throughout the home before someone goes condemning the drywall as toxic. Now if you would have found red flags elsewhere in the home and the other signs in the protocol established by the Florida State Department of Health, that would have been another story. Thanks for sharing.