Summary of Inspection Report

HI everyone,

Regarding the summary of the inspection report, do you put it at the beginning or at the end of the Report?

I put mine at the end in hopes that they might read the entire report.

Typically the Abstract or Preface goes at the beginning of a report.


Does it matter? If you think you have a reader with ADD, put at beginning. If you have a speed reader, put at end. If you are not sure, put in both beginning and end.

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What’s a Summary? Haven’t supplied the useless ‘tool for lazy agents’ in over 14 years!!

Note; by definition a Summary goes at the end of the report.


That is exactly why I do provide a summary, lol. I want the lazy agent, I want the smart agents, the dumb agents etc. Does not matter to me, it is a referral. One click of the button and my software generates the summary. That is all the appeasement they will get.

At the beginning of the report, more specifically right after the cover page.


Same here.