Summer clothes

Had a question for you guys. I live down in texas and the summers get brutal, how do you guys stay cool during the hotter months?

Look on amazon for hot weather clothing etc.
Back when I was a contractor I sometimes wore a “cool vest”, had cooling packets built in.
Might help in attics and on roofs.
We’re already having 95 degree days here in Bmore, attic yesterday was 115.

Wow a 115°F attic - That’s like February here.

To the OP - You don’t stay cool, at least I don’t. It’s a matter of managing the heat.

I do all morning starts in the summer. No afternoon starts, No exceptions. I will change my sequence during the hot months to get the attic and roof out of the way early on. Manage the amount of time that you spend in a hot environment. I won’t stay in a 150°F attic for very long and may break it up into multiple trips. I try to take photos vs notes and update my notes after I get back down out of the attic. If the attic is already hot before you get to it, you can leave the access open for a little while to help vent some of the hot air out. If there is an access panel on the evaporator coil, I will open it as soon as I am done checking operation of the A/C. That cool breeze is a lifesaver.

Protect yourself on hot rooftops too. Dark colored asphalt will get well over 160°F when the sun is shining and can blister you (the roof gets soft and easy to damage when it’s that hot so be careful moving around on it). I wear leather weightlifting / wheelchair gloves (Harbinger) when I’m on a roof. The padded palms provide traction and protection while the half fingers give me dexterity for my camera, etc. Have plenty of cold water on hand. I sweat in the heat and may drink close to a gallon during a longer inspection (don’t forget that your clients may need water too). I used to try to use the water absorbing neck wraps that you chill before putting on, but they never seemed worth the trouble and didn’t offer very much relief. I do wear rapid dry shirts but will always wind up a sweaty mess by the time I’m done. Pack a spare shirt and deodorant in your truck.

Being from out west I do not have “Special *” clothing for the heat . I wear a long sleeve SPF 50 shirt and sun hat when inspecting the outside. I bring lots of water and have a box fan I bring inside the home if the AC has been off for a while.

*(texicans are funny, it’s hot hahahahah)


The sunscreen expense alone would kill me.


Let alone if you happened to traverse a mirror. :mrgreen::wink:

Take it from the ‘heat managment’ experts…

This is what Will Misegades at RedFish Home Inspections in Texas is going to. He is celebrating with some champagne. Quite a thread on his Facebook page. :wink:

Coconut water.

Cool towels.

A cooler full of ice water in the car.

Well said.

I keep towels with me and I have one that I soak in cold water and I wipe my face occasionally on the hotter days.

On the colder days I have a over the head cover and I wear thin long johns and even ski googles on the blizzard days.

I own a Jeep Wrangler for making it to inspections in snowy, muddy and severs conditions.

The weather here is up and down and I have become used to it and I am ready to go!!

I prefer shorts and tank tops.

Relaxing on Memorial Day.jpg

Thank you all for the replys. I had my logo put on a couple of fishing shirts and ordered some Duluth trading company work pants. Will see how they do.

Do you guys wear shorts at all? I’ve been wearing khaki pants and look like I got ran through a car wash by the time I get out of the attic

I inspect attics last. Don’t care what I look like, in fact, on the occassion I come out looking unusually ‘disheveled’, it is a badge of honor as evidence of my ‘work’! :smile:

I do ware shorts( right or wrong another discussion). I also do attic last but bu then I am a sweaty mess anyway(hard to look professional all the time in this profession). Main thing is stay hydrated. Also only inspect in the morning as Chuck said

I got a cool vest shortly after going into business. It’s a life saver in those hot attics.

Like to hear your review of those.