Sump pump housing ejects water

I tested a sump pump today, (first time for me) it worked but the pump housing was spitting water back into the pit. Wondering if this means the pump needs replacing, or did the gasket just dry out and will it be ok again after soaking up water. If it was in my car, I would be buying a new water pump:)

The pump was tested by filling the pit. Arrows are pointing to the points that water was squirting out. The water level in the pit was not high enough to activate the float, we filled the pit until the bottom of the pump was covered and manually lifted the float with a handy paint roller.

There was a small amount of water in the pit before we added more, but not enough to reach the bottom of the pump.

( Report ) Faulty sump leaks needs repair or replacement immediately , move on

Not faulty, water is back flushing from the pipe. was there a check valve? up higher?

It prevents airlock. It’s normal.

Thanks all

Verify the discharge tube was not blocked/restricted/capped off, and that the anti-backflow valve was not stuck shut.

Float switch is out of adjustment

Was the pump spitting water while working or after it stopped?

It after it stopped, then most likely a missing/damaged check valve; if while working, then I would say loose fittings.