Sump pump troubles?

WOW so simple a way to be told the sump pump is not working .

Easy Hack: Make a Water Leak/Level Detector from a Smoke Alarm

Love it … Roy

Home depot has one for a reasonable price

Hmm… could also work as a urine detector for the dog.

Too cool!

How do you find this stuff Roy?


I wonder why I have never seen some thing and go to Google
And it always gives me a clue what To look for .

I also get about 30 letters every day and law suits Home Inspection and other things .
Not being very computer literate leads me to wonder in strange places .
Thanks for asking , Char has her own Computer and she too Finds things she is interested in .
Works great for us keeps us both extremely active . Roy

I will make my own out of a smoke alarm .
Bought the one from home depot works great but to low a sound never wake me up … Roy

And should the sump pump catch fire, the smoke detector alarm will get that too!

Hmm… could also work as a urine detector for the dog.

Great idea save $3500;00

Don’t let your Dog Urinate or Mark your AC condenser!

Are you peeing on the floor again?:shock:

No I got ever that when my brother hooked up a model t coil .
A very shocking experience ,He said I had eyes as big as a saucer.