Sump Pump

Did a 25 year old two storey with finished basement. The 4 piece bath in the basement was nicely finished. Flushed the toilet and heard a pump come on. Looked in the linen closet and discovered an uncovered sump pump. No it was not a sewer pump! Then the smell! The sump was filled with water and floating toilet paper. The client gagged and ran outside for air. The best part: the sump went outside to a 4 inch plastic line laying on the ground. This line went into a municipal drain through a hammered hole. The drain emptied untreated into the river which went into Lake Erie. When you think that you have seen it all, something new comes up.


wow that is gross
I can"t beleive it did not smell before the flush.
Not only will you get methane from the cover , but there is no grinder.