Sun Nuclear 1028 - Cal. 9/2/17 - Manufactured in 08/16

I have three Sun Nuclear 1028 CRM’s for sale. I’m firm on the price. All of them are less than a year old. All of the have good calibration until 9/2/17. Manufactured and bought new from Sun Nuclear in late August of 2016. $850 each.

Note: I can offer free standard shipping if needed but any extra services like insurance, required signatures and such will be at the cost of the buyer (whatever the actual cost are).

Why are you selling?

I own to many machines, these are just sitting there wasting space. 2 of them have never been deployed to a job site and the other one has only completed 1 test. No reason to hold on to this many machines.

Where are you located?

I am located in Columbus, OH.

I am interested. Please call me or email me your info…
801 577 1945

Nothing against Justin, but he is not an InterNachi member, thus we don’t know him. Proceed with caution and pay only with sources that give you recourse options if something goes awry.
Be sure to verify the units Serial number with Sun Nuclear before finalizing the purchase.

I agree with you, in any case - always verify information. If you are not comfortable with purchasing it here I am a very trusted seller on eBay. Here is a link to the listing on eBay but the price will be higher due to the fees eBay charge.

Note: I have already sold one on eBay and one via this forum. I only have one left.

I am interested. Can you contact me?