Sun Nuclear 1029 for Sale

I’m selling my Sun Nuclear 1029 continuous radon monitor with a heavy duty single case. I bought the monitor 2 years ago directly from Sun Nuclear and have not had any problems with the device. It was last calibrated on 08/17/2012 so it will need calibrated. I’m selling the monitor with case for $995. They currently retail new from Sun Nuclear at $1605 ($1495 + $110).

The 1029 offers several advantages over the 1028 in that it collects twice the number of readings in the same time period (every 30 minutes) and it additionally measures the environmental conditions including temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity. Attached are a few pictures and an example report generated from the free software with the 1029. The power cord and USB cord are included and I will pay for shipping if within the United States.

Call (785-656-0272) or email ( if you are interested.

PM sent

Waiting for ya brother !!!

Why wait… call…

Rigler Home Inspections
Hays, KS 67601

I Already did and he’s waiting for the reply from some non member in Ireland
that is interested…
I’m right here and a member with cash and willing to pay what he’s asking w/o
beating him down in price…

He’s waiting for the Ireland guy …

so I’m just sitting here waiting …


Here in MI us Union brothers look out for each other.
I guess that doesn’t work like that at interNACHI …

Is he allowed to sell the technology to oversees countries, like it is not allowed with IR? (Just a bug in his ear).

Don’t know about Radon detectors
I can understand weapon sighting components and the like
either way …This dude will probably sell it to a foreigner
and go through all the hassle besides selling it to a fellow
member stateside…

Yano it’s the way the world is today !

Thanks for the bug Jeffrey. Didn’t consider that and not really sure how to pursue finding out whether it is allowed or not.

If my oversees buyer commits, I’ve arranged to send it to Sun Nuclear first for calibration and they were going to send it directly to the buyer. They quoted me an international shipping price and didn’t indicate any problems with selling it oversees.


I managed to bite my tongue long enough and the good lord provided
Kenny called me this morning and sold it to me .
too bad the damn thing needs a $150 calibration …

either way ,sorry Mr Ireland Chap ,Daddy has the unit now ! :o

Thanks Kenny

The 1029 monitor is sold.