Sunday Classes

Nick and members,

Now that we know the group wants and needs commercial classes, and we have pulled one off successfully, I thought I would bring up a point. Several inspectors approached me about not wishing to attend a sunday class, just thought I would toss that in.

I agree. It’s not so much that I am a religious man, but I am a family man and Sundays are a bit precious to me too.

I have a different view here. I did not mind it and with flying in for the trip, it was cheaper do to a weekend stay. I feel if I need to stay over I may as well be doing something constructive. Only an opinion, by the way thanks again Mike, Nick, NACHI it was some of the best money spent for a great education.

I’m a Hari-Krishnar so it doesn’t matter one Sunday or another. LOL


Thanks for bringing that up, Mike. I learned SO much at the Saturday class in Denver, but I couldn’t return on Sunday because of family commitments. Family is just too important to me. So I’m hoping that someday I’ll be able to finish the commercial course that I started there.

The commercial course was a real eye-opener for me. The possibilities for commercial inspections are huge, and the level of professionalism is high. It motivated me to do better in all my inspections.

We need a separate Commercial section on this message board.

You are welcome to sit in on any of my Commercial classes, just let me know ahead of time, and we will get you caught up.

Hey, Mike. I took your class last fall in Rochester. Is the new curriculm manuals finished yet? I emailed headquartersd and they told me that they would get the new stuff out to me when it was ready.


Mike, Thanks for the offer to sit in and make up what I missed in Denver. I definitely want to do that! I’ll keep my eyes open here on the message board to see where upcoming commercial classes are going to be held. Maybe you or ITA have an e-mail list to notify for upcoming classes?

What’s wrong with Sunday?

Now Saturday, that’s a different question :mrgreen: .

Oye :smiley:

I have not, as of yet, seen the new stuff, still waiting, hope, hope, hope,

Most of our 2 day seminars are on weekends. Usually full. Most guys don’t wanta loose the 5-6 inspections and $2,000 to $3,000 by having 2 day classes on work days

I’m totally with you on that one Will.