Emails MAILED to Grandma, Troops, etc!

My Mom is deaf and lives across the country from me. She also does not use “The Machine” (computer). She’s abandoned using TDDY calls, and we are reduced to letter writing or faxing.
We really don’t communicate very well or often, as a result.

There are always emails that I send out, that I’d like to copy Mom on. Same with photos, news clips, etc - along with notes I’d like to simply email to her.

I just signed her up with for 9.95 a month (cheaper, if you go with a 6 month or 12 month subscription. I can send UNLIMITED (!?, according to them!) emails. They will print them (& photos) up every week and mail the package to her, all at that price.

Additionally, anyone ELSE (my brothers, my daughter, Jeanne, etc) can do the same; it’s all included in the price. Anyone can be on the “allowed senders” list!

I’m sure that very few of you have a Mom in my situation, but there may be other friends / family without a PC or email out there.

Additionally, thinking back to my military days in the 70’s, there’s absolutely NOTHING like a Letter from Home. Something you can HOLD blows emails / phone calls out of the water. I’m sure Billy B and others can / will back that up!

When you do sign up, please mention me as who referred you, as I do get credit for it. At any rate, this is a tremendous opportunity for my Mom, and I wanted to let you guys know about it!