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Reforming Occupational Licensing Policies

Regulation starts out simple then branches to a myriad of rules. For example.

1 - Inspector needs 16 hours of CEU
2 - Inspector shall state in their application that they have those hours and provide them if requested
3 - Any home inspection seminar or technical class is approved.


1 - Inspector needs 16 hours of CEU
2 - The agency creates the syllabus
3 - The school must be approved by the agency
3.1 - The school has 100 rules to comply with
3.2 - The school pays a fee
4 - The agency reviews the curriculum
5 - The agency reviews every slide
6 - The instructor must be approved
6.1 - The instructor requires a special class developed by the agency
6.2 - The instructor pays a fee
6.3 - use a special form
7. - Class is approved
7.05 class expires every so often so routine repeats itself
7.1 School pays a fee for the class
7.1.1 use a special form
7.2 School pays a fee for each hour
7.3 15 minutes of class is informing that student and school must comply with agency rules.
7.4 Students have to sign in at beginning and end
7.4.1 use a special form
7.5 Sign last name first and first name last or no credit
8 School sends in list of students
8.1 must use the special form
9 Agency posts hours on site
9.1 Student responsibility to make sure they get posted
9.2 Student hopes they can use the agency website
10 Upon license renewal agency checks database
10.1 Licensee must have xx hours on different topics
10.2 Some topics are required
10.3 cannot repeat classes for xx years
10.4 must take pseudo test
10.5 agency is gearing up for mandatory test scores
11 You renew the license every two years but you get your hours annually
12 Pay a fee for the license
13 violate a rule and you are fined

There once was an inspector
who was an apprentice
who achieved inspector status
who achieved professional inspector status
who obtained IRC certification
who became a certified inspector
who became a certified master inspector
who was insanely certified
who took the wrong CEU class and could not renew
who became certifiably insane

I am going to visit with my start rep next week show him some of the things they are doing to us and see if he has any influence with sunset commission. I know he will listen to what I have to say and not brush it off. Sometimes knowing someone has its benefits and I also know his mom. On second thought Mary I should tell her and she talk to Drew. I’ll post what happens

Media Interest ???

The media will just twist it around to fit their own agenda/view. Also they do not much care about what happens to a group of 3000 people (Inspectors) as compared to a much larger group of 100,000+ (Agents).

We did it in Kansas with 166 inspectors … It can be done

I spoke to my state rep yesterday and Drew is familiar with the sunset commission. He has testified before them and is willing to go before them on our behalf. He liked the idea of the tdlr and said the person heading it up is a good guy. I need some precise and to the point material to give him concerning our problems with TREC If you could post them or email them to me I will put them together and get them to him. Hope this will help

I am writing a paper now. May take a month or so but we have time. TREC is reading this forum to prepare their position.