Super Bowl Bets Anyone ?

OK, well its that time again. I was hoping some here may be Philly fans ? I hate them as they knocked out my Redskins from having a any shot this year. That being said I am going with New England.

If anyone wants to make a friendly wager of anything front $50.00 up to $500.00 post it here. No point spreads to ruin the action, heck it’s the super bowl, winner of game wins the bet.

You take Philadelphia, I take New England (no points) Winner of game wins.

All bets paid at end of game or next day via PayPal.

Post your bets here.


NO! First time in my life I will not watch a NFL game all year long. Respect OUR flag!!!

Pats for the win this year IMO as well Jim, so not sure I can wager with you :smiley: I’d guess it’s close but ya never know.

I bet one team ends up wth more points than the other.

This has to be the most underwhelming Super Bowl in over a decade.

I’m not watching.

I’ll bet that attendance and/or viewing will drop from last year due to the NFL’s significant disrespect for our flag, our country, and the men and women who serve to protect it!

DITTO. They lost me forever. I don’t miss the boys from the hood at all anymore.

Why would I bet $500 here and get no points when I could set up a Las Vegas account and get 5?:roll:

That’s just a suckers bet and I don’t think you should expect to get too much action on this.

Dave you would be correct IF one could legally open a Vegas account without being a Vegas resident. :frowning:

It’s all for fun bro :slight_smile:


OK, well game time is closing in. Does anyone want to take Philly +4 points ? I’ll take NE and give the 4 points ?

Any increments of $50.00 up to $500.00 ?


Screw the NFL… respect our flag. BTW I hate this… I love football, I played 12 years. It really sucks that NFL management doesn’t want to enforce rules on their books to bow to PC.

The problem is watching Nick Foles throw wounded ducks in the playoffs.

I have little faith he’s going to lose by only 4 points.

Philly has a better defense than New England, but still, it’s hard to view this as even ending up being a competitive game.

Okay Jim, we bet last year (I think it was last year), and I lost $200 to you in the final few minutes. That still bothers me. And even though I have not watched one game this year, this will be strictly about getting my money back. I’ve got another $200 that says Philly will win (and giving me the 4 points will come back to bite you).

Eric, how the heck are you my friend? it’s bee a long time bro:(

OK you are on, you have Philly +4 points for $200.00 The bet is on.

Oh and just like an Inspection…No Money Back…LOL hehe


I’ve been good Jim. Business is strong. I brought on another Inspector a few months ago. That’s been interesting. How about you?

I’ll be back in touch after the game to get my money back. Thanks for holding it for me!!!

OK, just a few hours left until the betting window closes…LOL


OK, betting window closed. Just you and me Eric :slight_smile:


Jim, If you’re still interested I’ll take Philly +4 for $50.

I feel an upset brewing.

Bazinga! Philly is up by 3!!!

Let Chris Currins in. He was under the wire!!