Super Bowl smack down challenge for Nick!

HomeGauge being located deep into Panther territory challenges Nick and the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl Smack Down! We NC boys will spot you 6 points too. The loser pays $500 bucks to whatever charity the winner desires.

What ye say Nick?:stuck_out_tongue:

7 points.



Any HomeGauge user who cares to post challenge here to another INACHI member of $25 winner’s charity …will get a free HomeGauge 15 year Anniversary T shirt sent to their door if the challenge is accepted!

Broncos or the Panthers doesn’t matter which position HG users take.

my gaaaa. Kicks and hits the field goal. This is sucking.:roll:

Panthers need to bring in the waterboy.

Get out that checkbook Russell. I can hear the fat lady warming up in the tunnel…

Nick… here is a great Charity.

Denver wins. Nice

Cam must have pissed off his offensive line.

I am moving. :mad:

Congrats Nick. Whose idea was this anyway…oh yea …mine.

Whats your charity?

[quote=“sstanczyk, post:8, topic:103686”]

Get out that checkbook Russell. I can hear the fat lady warming up in the tunnel…


As some of you know, I have a friend with a family member (patriot for his country) who was illegally kidnapped (by armed invaders/trespassers of his homeland), taken to Gitmo, denied family visitation, denied legal representation, denied a fair trial, beaten, tortured, eventually deemed not guilty (ooops), cleared for release, then dishonorably held in captivity even after being cleared for release. He’s free after many years of imprisonment and abuse.

You can make the donation from here Russell: Thank you.

That’s a great cause Nick. I have received your direct email and we are mailing a check to them today. Now I will eat my humble pie.

Thanks Russell.

My only disappointment is that not one U.S. soldier or Marine has been court martialed and hung for their dishonorable participation in the Gitmo POW camp where innocent human beings (some brought there as children) where kept in permanent captivity (upwards of 14 years) and tortured for doing nothing more than trying to kill armed invaders of their homeland (an act of patriotism, not terrorism). The U.S. war criminals running Gitmo spit on the American flag and all the values she stands for.

Pure bull**** from nicky the conspiracy lover. :roll:

It’s not a conspiracy. I say line up all the U.S. soldiers and Marines involved against a wall, get out the firing squad, and light 'em up. They are traitors. If we’d have executed our Abu Ghraib servicemen and women, they’d have thought twice before doing what they did at Gitmo.

nicky nicky nicky.

Un-American traitors to all the U.S. stands for. We should revoke their citizenships and leave them on that island to rot. Or at least publish their names and last-known whereabouts so that the victims and their families can hunt them down like Auschwitz concentration camp guards and extract justice.

So I lost the bet with the Panthers against the Denver Broncos. I paid my debt to the charity choice of the winner Nick.

When I was in the US Navy myself I know that I was under orders as an enlisted serviceman and must follow orders. I do not support a hateful position in anyway towards our servicemen. It’s the leadership that is responsible for decision to torture not the enlisted.

Please take this topic to the general forum.

If I had won the bet, I would have chosen habitat for humanity …or the Bernie Sanders Campaign!

Peace and Love