Super Flashlights

Does anyone have any experience with Cree flashlights?

Stingers are nice but real real expensive and I do not like the 123 bats.

Check out this link and look into the cree stuff and tell me what you all think.

I would love to hear from actual owners.

The reviews are incredible. Hardly a bad one anywhere anywhere I look.

link ???

Cree is the company that manufactures the LEDs that other companies build flashlights around. I think that the XM-L LED module is their current top of the line for super bright lights.

Some of the Chinese manufacturers are producing lights claiming over 10,000 Lumens for less than $100.

Cree makes the LED bulbs used in most of the better flashlights. I have been pretty happy with my Fenix lights.

Batteries not included…

approx. $12+ ea.** x** 3

Fenix makes excellent lights. I’ve bought a couple of their TK series lights and have been using them for a few years.

Anyone still using an incandescent flashlight would do well to upgrade to an LED light. They are much brighter, more durable, have longer batter life and are the right color to augment the camera flash for long attic and crawlspace shots.

So your point is?

some good stuff, I need to consider an upgrade, I’ve been using an LED light, from coast, 251 lumens, but these seem pretty awesome for really not much more money (I think i spent like $50), and rechargeable battery, mine eats a set aaa of batteries every 3 inspections or so.

charge them on a car adapter…dare to dream.

I’ve been using the EagleTac G252C for about a year. It is a small handheld flash light and it will light up a crawlspace or attic.


My point is… if someone here wants to spend $100, and orders from your link, they will not be receiving a flashlight that operates. It will take another $36+ for the batteries. That great deal for $95+ shipping is now $131+ shipping… so more like $155.00+ total.

Oh yes, that is a very important point to bring up!

People: When you buy a house, the utilities are not included. When you buy a car, don’t forget that you must pay separately for fuel, insurance and maintenance. When you buy equities, the brokerage fees are not included…

What else do we need to tell people about? Oh yeah! You will need to pay separately for the electricity that you use to charge the batteries!!! Oh crap! Don’t forget the shipping charges!!! Oops! Taxes not included if applicable.

OK do we have the total cost of ownership down?

BTW: I’m not suggesting that a 13,800 lumen flashlight is a good choice for general home inspection use. Rather, I was commenting on where the industry has come.

My bad. I thought I did it. damn pain pills :frowning: Today I get my bright pink cast :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your info. It seems no one has anything bad to say :slight_smile:

The tmart link I have above seems the cheapest. I have heard shipping takes a while :frowning:

I think I’ll start with a small reasonable one for the job and if it works well and I like it I’ll get a brighter one for at home tactical use to keep with the pistol :slight_smile:

Thanks again for all the input and links.

Anyone have a problem with the rechargeable ones/ I’ve never been a fan but mabe technology is better noy, I hope :slight_smile:

I have three rechargeable batteries in a constant rotation. One always last for the entire day.

You are such an a s s!!!

When I order a Stinger for $100, it INCLUDES the $40 battery.

I guess you are just accustomed to shopping with your friends at Walmart.

Good to know as that is long enough :smiley:

Your $100 UltraStinger is a 230 Lumen light powered by a proprietary NiCd battery that suffers from the same issues that other NiCd batteries have. I gave mine away and switched to Fenix a couple years ago.

The other light is 13,800 Lumens and it powered by non-proprietary Li-ion batteries. Streamlight makes quality flashlights and has good warranty (they need it so we can get those defective switches replaced every year or so), but even you should be able to grasp that these lights are in totally different classes.

Call me an *** if you want, but I’m not the dumb putz who tried to make a BFD about batteries not being included with a flashlight in a discussion about new LED technology. You can go stick your included battery up your *** for all I care.

I do the same and almost never run through a single battery in a day.