Super Joist repair

I made a suggestion to add some extra support the the joists that held up the front porch slab. This is the repair that was made. :roll:

Wow! you mean to tell me that is supporting a concrete porch slab, Sean.? Good pic.

Do you wish me to enter this photo in the Best Defect Picture Award?
Let me know. :):smiley:

The slab was not that big and the house was built in the 40’s. So it had been there a while. I just made the suggestion to add supports of some type. NO I have one better for the defect award. I will send it too you.

Here this one is better! “This wire wont stay tight. Just put some screws in it!” This was the 200 amp main breaker.

That is a good electrical one Sean, it is going in Album #6 so it will take awhile for it to come out for judging. Polls have been out to album 2.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I would have no problem what-so-ever singing off on that repair Sean, with one provision. I would have to see the Engineered drawing showing that exact fix. :roll:

Great call, it needs at least one more Drywall screw to be up to code. :wink:

That is classic!