Super moon tomorrow closest point to the earth tomorrow at 6:38am

Tried to find Chuck’s non inspection related post… but the search feature… well, you know:neutral:. Taken with a point and shoot Canon SX600HS.:smiley: That I use on inspections daily. Closest point to the earth tomorrow at 6:38a.


It is 94% right now.

Thanks Dave tried three times to many clouds
We get another try on Dec 14 th

We may be past the skygazingseason, but don’t put pack away your telescope or binoculars for winter justyet – the best is yet to come.

Moongazers are set to betreated to two supermoons before the year is out – one on Nov. 14 and anotheron Dec. 14.

Supermoons occur when a fullmoon is at its closest approach to Earth, creating a larger and brighterappearance in the heavens. According to NASA, the moon has an uneven orbit thatbrings it closer to Earth at times.

A ‘Supermoon’ full moon rises above the castle ofSomoskoujfalu, in Hungary, late Saturday, July 12, 2014. (AP/MTI,Peter Komka)

At its closest point, known asits “perigee,” the moon is approximately 50,000 kilometres closer than itsfarthest point, known as the “apogee.”

According to NASA](, a supermoon can appear as much as 14 percent bigger and 30 per cent brighter than a regular, or apogee, full moon.

A fall supermoon alreadyoccurred on Oct. 16, and the final one is set for Dec. 16, in the lead-up tothe new year.

But on Nov. 14, NASA saysearthlings will be treated to they’ve dubbed an extra-supermoon, when the moonbecomes full within two hours of it coming into perigee.

Better catch the Novembersupermoon if you can: A full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until2034, NASA says.


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Better explain it to him. :wink:

No against all odds and bias Bob, several blue states spit out the kool-aid and turned red. :roll:

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Thank Goodness for the Moon :twisted:

It is creating crazy tides here and flooding in the keys.

This mornings moon set.

It was really bright last night. We had low, broken, fast moving cloud cover. It was interesting watching the clouds roll across the sky in front of the moon, which was bright enough to backlight all but the thickest parts.

I took 52 pics tonight in about 10… maybe 15 minutes standing in the same spot, upon review captured an anomaly, that my best guess is a transit of a satellite across the moon.

I took this pic tonight 1 from a series of 52 taken without moving my position more that 3 feet.

That streak would not be a satellite as they do not leave contrails .Best time to see those is just before and after sun sets or rises because they reflect the sun at those times.

You think you know it all… but you don’t! BTW anyone who thinks they know it all is full of BS!

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We are having a major ice storm just waiting for my power to go bye bye

Dam moon anyway:(

Actually I trying to stop you from looking like a dummy but to each their own.

We already know you are a dummy so too late.