Supersized P-Trap

So there is a lot going on in this picture…

Amazingly the sink drained very well despite the large uphill climb. Seems to me that the siphon created by the large drop/climb would siphon the large P-trap almost dry but the smaller individual P-traps still worked as intended due to the placement of the Studor Vent.

What parts (if not all) would you call out as deficient?
Double P-trap
Size of 2nd P-trap
Less 4" between Studor vent & waste arm

Thanks in advance for your insight :smiley:


Did you fill both sinks and release them at the same time?

All of the above. Who cares about all of how it works, siphoning, etc., that’s a mess.

Good point. No, there was only one stopped so I did each sink individually, then ran the water so it bridged the two sinks 50/50 while I tested the kitchen appliances.

Not sure what that means, but you should do the following:

Easy to get distracted down there. Don’t forget the lack of a ‘high loop’ for the DW drain, and what looks to be a kinked hot water riser tube.
Too many defects to mention. Amateur installation. The waste line will Not properly drain. Recommend a Qualified plumber repair/Replace as needed.

Just because it’s wrong doesn’t mean it won’t work :slight_smile: Code says no p trap going into another p trap, so there is that. It’s also not necessary and an easy fix, and they will have more room under the sink.