Support Box?

I’m not sure what the function of this “box” is. It is directly over a load bearing wall. It looks like the studs that are sticking up are the same angle as the roof pitch.

Is it some kind of support? I don’t understand how it can support anything. It is not attached to the ridge or rafters anywhere.

5038 Big Tyler Rd-Kinney 051.JPG

It looks like what we call a “strong back”. It holds up the ceiling joists rigid and from sagging. It should be connected to each joist and supported on both ends of itself. Usually, at the walls.

That must be it, Larry. Maybe it was built and then the load bearing wall beneath it was added later or something. Seems like it wouldn’t serve any purpose being installed directly on top and parallel with the wall beneath it.

If it is a “strongback”, and is supported at the ends, would the
wall underneath be load-bearing?
I have never seen this, and am just trying to understand.

I think Larry is right. The wall underneath was erected about 10 yrs after the house was built. I considered it load bearing because it was perpendicular to the ceiling joists, but the strongback would have been needed in the absence of the wall…

A strongback is slang for a brace. I would say that would be a beam. Odd additional braces around it though, probably just to keep it from warping. The filler blocks in between the two beams may just be rafter tail cutoff waste, which would explain the angle cuts.