Support for a fellow Inspector

David Comrie a Home Inspector from Burlington had a heart attack Saturday, March 3.

After having an angiogram it was found he had 100% blockage of one artery and has several others that are partially blocked. Dave has had a stent inserted and some repairs to another artery.

Dave is doing OK and is now resting at his house. He was discharged from hospital yesterday afternoon.

Dave is grateful for the comforting thoughts of his professional colleagues and Doctors are suggesting with medication and change of eating habits he should make a full recovery.

He has been given a timeline of approximately 4-6 weeks to return to work but unfortunately, without medical insurance, this is not a timeline he or his family can financially afford.

He has let us know that he is going to attempt to get back to work in 2 weeks. As he is a valued member of our profession we do not want to see him take this risk, and so are asking anyone that knows of Dave to donate, in whatever capacity they can to support Dave and his family through convalescence.

We have set a target of $5,000 which should provide the support for David and his family until he has recovered sufficiently to return to work.

You can donate here: Fundraiser by Len Inkster : Dave Comrie Family - Support Fund