Are the supports proper in the first pic? On the second pic what verbage would you use on the plumbing coming in contact with the ground and the electrical? This was a 1912 historical colonial. Not enough clearance to get in there. Any and all advice welcomed as there are few crawlspace homes down here.




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Improper attachment of Humming Bird feeder…

Okay seriously… pic 1… no, improper support… appears that the support beam is setting on rocks that were placed inside the blocks

(BTW… nice pics… they blowup nice and crisp… unusual on this MB, imo)

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Richard, the support might have been atequate for the time period, and if built in 1912 and lasted this long, I would not worry about it too much.
But it is far from meeting today’s standard.
On the second pic, the pvc on the ground is not a problem because it is rated for ground contact, although again, it does not meet todays standard for proper support.
The electrical and the pvc as far as that goes, obviously were done and install way after the date of 1912, and should have been properly installed at the time of it’s installation.
If they were able to crawl in there to do the upgrade to this building with PVC and Romex wiring, they should have installed it per the years standard.
That goes back quite a few years.
An electrician might be able to recommend the time period for proper support.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

thanks… that helps a bunch.