SUPRA card?

Brand spanking new licensed home inspector here. Just wanting to know if you all have Supra keys. I think maybe there are different options?

eKEY, ActiveKEY, DisplayKEY, iBox BT LE, iBox BT, iBox, SupraWEB

Any advice?
What is your experience?

Most of the Real Estate Organizations provide you with either an ActiveKEY or if you want to spend more money you can get the APP for your smartphone and I think they call that the eKEY.

You will be spending $$ on annual membership at the local realtor board and then you will have to pay (usually quarterly) fees for the key itself.

Check to make sure the realtor board you decide to spend your $$ with does NOT require you to use a CBS code to gain access to the property. I’m pretty sure most in the D/FW market have now done away with the CBS code requirement, but there may be some holdouts.

Thanks Nolan