Supra Electronic Access Keys

Ok, after letting my access key go a year ago. Today I have again purchased a new Supra Electronic Key. In the last month, I have had 6 agents ask me if I carried the electronic key? I have lost inspections because I did not have one. So I am now again carrying one to make everyone happy again. I have been told that more and more agents are using this service instead of the combo boxes.

How have you lost inspections? I don’t understand.

I have lost 1 for not having SUPRA. Teh loss would have paid for a year of service and Realtor association fees.

It was booked and neither agent was able to go and open up for me.

My client had a deadline and his agent found someone with a key.

It does happen.

In my neck of the woods, the Realtors don’t use Supra, they use Risco. When I first started my HI business I carried a Risco key. Had it for 2 years then decided it wasn’t worth having. Not sure how the Supra keys work, but the Riscos were a pain. Had to call and get a key-code for the particular lock box. The code was only good for 24 hours, had to get another one when retrieving radon monitors. Most of the time the codes didn’t work, not cool on a Saturday when the Association is closed. Oh, and the battery stopped taking a charge 3 times and had to be replaced by the association (not allowed to change it myself).

Only one of my competitors carry a Risco key. I guess they don’t mind paying for the hassles.

IMO, I actually found its best NOT to carry a key for several reasons. Number 1, its a good way to meet the agents (when they arrive to unlock the door). Also, twice when arriving to a home I have found them broken into. Its nice to have an agent present as a witness. And lastly, being told a home has been de-winterized and it actually being de-winterized are 2 different things. The agent can get the ball rolling to have the place de-winterized if it isn’t when I arrive.

Well said Robert.