Supra Key/CBS Questions

I am working two areas now Austin and Lampasas. Would I need to join two separate associations in order to get a supra key that would function in both areas or are they pretty much universal statewide??

George, the way it has been explained to me is this…once you have joined an association, say ABOR, and received your ActiveKey then you would ask the other area association, in your case the Lampasas County Realtor Association I would think, to give you access as well. You apparently don’t need to join the other association but just ask them to co-opt your key. That’s the terminology that Supra used. I’ve not had the need to use my key outside of the Travis/Williamson/Hays county area but that’s the process I would use if I were trying to get wider access.

Thanks Mike! An agent friend said that ABOR stretches from Waco to San Marcos and he thought any key issued should work anywhere in that area…

Could be. I’ll try to call ABOR in the next day or so and see if they can tell me the range. I’m pretty sure I’ve used mine as far south as San Marcos but only Georgetown to the north. How the various RE associations and MLS areas overlap is a mystery but I’m thinking the ABOR included counties are Travis, Williamson, Caldwell, Hays, Bastrop, Blanco and Comal. Most Austin MLS maps show the boundaries to be as shown in this map.

Yup…I’m not quite in that map am I? Thanks again Mike!

George, I talked to ABOR today and they told me that the keys they issue will work in 18 nearby counties. After logging in at ABOR I do see those counties listed and the coverage is much greater than that map I showed earlier. Looks like you could just join ABOR after all and have access in Lampasas County. Talk to them directly though to see if that’s how you understand it as well.

ABOR boundaries.JPG

Thanks Mike! It looks like I drive past one of their offices pretty regular so I’ll drop by and get the scoop,