supra key

does anybody know if I can get a suPra key and where to get it

I have one. I went to my local board of realtors and asked for one

Correct, your local real estate board.
Pay a fee to belong to the board; pay another fee to Supra to lease the key.


They make HI’s in my area use the CBS code though. I guess some crazy inspector was going into houses without permission and they make us use that code now because of him

Regional differences abound when it comes to SUPRA.

You need to change your profile to show your location to get region specific information.

Where I am at you need to join the state realtors assoc. as well as a local assoc. as an associate member to get supra access. I think it cost me about $600 per year.

Regardless of the cost…do it.

It is only $170.00 per year here.