Sure been slow in this forum

I guess folks are going to more private areas to chat.

I’m doing my PACE CE now and it boring me to near death!
I have 3 more unit left.

I have been thinking about it. You sure are not making it sound good. Anyone know of a better done online company to get G.C. CE?

Roy at least you can drink, eat and pee whenever you want.

Call me and I’ll tell you a secret.

There are a lot of inspector FB groups to share information on. Maybe that’s it. Most don’t tolerate trolls.

Thing about tne FB groups it’s hard to keep track of post. The recent downfall to this MB is due to the Education and Student threads. They should be moved to a different MB, that is strictly for newbies.

Agree… getting tired of weeding through the BS to find anything of substance. (not saying much for this thread).

Sounds like a good idea.

I think both the FB groups and the forum are both very useful.
Like Christopher mention the post on FB are hard to keep track of.
FB is more for “in the moment” conversations while forums are for “eternity”.
And both have amazing value. I dont think one replace the other.

P.S. What is MB?

Inspector Brotherhood accept “Trolls” as long as they are respectful and they are willing to improve the trade rather than attempt to put other inspectors or organizations down.

Check it out:

A quick glance at the “Admin(s)” would prevent many from joining that group! Just sayin’!

We have better things to do !!!:cool:

Try Gray Systems, much better than Pace.

Brad what do you like better?

I know with pace you can just let it run till test time them walk in and take the test kind of hard to sit though.

What is different?

Thanks in advance for the info. Have a great night.

I just found out my Nachi CE stuff went through. There was some hiccup for some reason but Nicks pep’s handled it Q & E.

Message Board

Thumbs up.
I used to come here first in the morning but now go to FB where idiots like Linas that get kicked out get reinstated and continue to troll do not exist.

Then I have my other stalker Chuck Evans following me around making goofy comments as well.

Why would any serious person call this MB home ?
Unless it is an educational thread all I see are a bunch of Sad Sally types complaining about Democrats all day.

I have taken on line CE from both Gray and Pace. Pace was extremely grade school level, unless they have redone their program. Gray is informative, but still dry…nature of the subjects. I only use them for the required courses, general hours I get from classroom or conferences usually. There are no tests for these CEU’s, maybe quizes…can’t remember.

Thanks Brad and Roy.

Hate to agree, as I think this board/forum is such a great tool and extension of Nachi… BUT, yes, I’d agree hard to weed through it all…

It’s partly my fault.

Since I put a few idiots on ignore my average post count is dropping like a rock. :wink:

But at least my brain cells are now almost fully rejuvenated. :slight_smile:

Moron :roll: