Sure last one for the week...POS

Thank you… thank you last HI for the week then off to hills for gold mining…1930 $47,000…POS! be up all night writing this one up! what a treat!

But the listing describes it as move in ready…right…haha

I have 6 left before the end of my work week. I’m taking off Friday through Monday, so these will finish off my 2nd quarter.

There’s a local guy here that get’s bad-mouthed from time to time about his selective practices.

He will show up to a house like Brian’s beauty/shaq and simply tell the buyer “You don’t need me or any other inspector here, it’s not my job to document a home like this one and it’s too much liability for me.” No check, no nothing… just leaves. I imagine a buyer would be a bit shocked about this… but he may have a point.

Yeah I would have loved to on this one…I feel so bad for this spanish speaking family with 3 little ones…sure hope they understand what they are getting into! I know we have to stay on the fence some times I want to tell them to RUN like hell! hopefully my 40 page report will do the trick