Sure Test or 3 Bulb

I love gadgets but I hate increased liability.
What do you guys use and what are the benefits of the two different gizmos?

I use the three-light tester for ten of my twelve inspection types. Since the SureTest costs more, by a factor of ten or so, I use it only for my PREMIUM and TECH inspections.

I had a SureTest until I plugged it into a duplex receptacle wired with 240 volts :shock: (dangerous homeowner work) and it “popped”.

I haven’t replaced it and can’t say that I miss it much ,really, as far as SOP requirements go. :neutral:

Simply a choice of the inspector…I like the Suretest because I do sell an advanced electrical inspection as well and it maps the system…nope I wont go into here as it is complicated to type…

basically I know the 3 light tester can be fooled…so I like the SureTest and the other features it has…

But in the end…thats a choice the HI needs to make…I find the $ 300.00 price tag a non issue…part of doing business.

I still have trouble grasping the better gadget = increased liability.

I use testers to verify conditions, NOT to be able to say “You have a clean bill of health”.

Example: Loose Toilet. Take out the moisture tester. In the report I state that “Electronic moisture testing was conducted. There was no indication of elevated moisture readings obtained”.

Also on first report page it says that ancillary testing is conducted in accordance with test equipment mfg. instructions. Calibration of the devices are not conducted.

When the three light tester lights all three lights or gives a bad reading, I pull out the sure test.

I also test the furthest outlet from the panel in new construction (Lager houses mostly) due to excessive voltage drop commonly found in new construction around here.