Sure Test

I have a Sure Test meter that has taken too many drops on the head I think. Is there any place to get these repaired. Appreciate any input.


Call Ideal. These companies usually have a flat rate service for test equipment. They either fix yours or send you a new one for a flat rate. I bought a broken “clamp on” at a garage sale for a buck and swapped it for a new one $39. plus S/H

Mine stops working from time to time…it is usually a simple fix inside as the contact ribbon comes out of the holding port…open it up and look for the ribbon on the lower left that plugs into the tan port…it pulls out and has on me MANY times…I have fixed mine 3 times during a seminar because of it so try that out…no tools required except a phillips to remove the 4 back cover screws.

Mine was a couple years old and started acting funky…especially in colder weather…suretest sent me a brand new updated model with the easy read black and green LED display…real nice!!!

which model do you use?

I found a great deal on the Ideal 61-165 Suretest AFCI/GFCI. $290 including shipping. Normally, they’re $350+ before shipping.

You can get all of the adapters here as well. . .

Which adapters do you recommend?