Sure Tester crapped out

I was in the middle of an inspection when I used the sutre test 61-165 on the outlet in the bathroom. I tripped it with the tester and went to reset it. when I retested it it was blank and I tried it on other outlets . . . nothing.

Have any of you had similar things happen with your tester? I’d hate to see $450 bucks go down the tube.

Mahalo for your help


I have (that’s why I own three of them :wink: ). Send it in, they’ll replace it for free. . .

Me too. Call the hotline and they will hook you up.



Thanks Jeff and Doug, guess I better pick up at least one more.

Mahalo for the info


I started carrying one 61-056 SureTest. It is the smaller tester that does most everything the 165 does. Plus I like the idiot lights on the top and the end so I can see it in low places or back in a corner where I can’t read the window. It is about $100 cheaper than the 165 too. Glad to help


Before you go and buy a new one,make sure you open it up and see thar the ribbon connectors are seated correctly…these work loose and just need to be re-connected.

I have seen it happen many times that these push in ribbon connections pull loose through no fault of your own…check those first…

The fault that I see, with the 155 and 165, is that the plug attachment, inside, is not physically connected to the circuit board but just soldered on. I opened mine up, cleaned the board holes and wrapped some wire around the plug end and through the hole on the board. Never had the problem since.

Hope this helps.

Send it in and they’ll replace it. It may take a month or so though.