Suretest 61-165 vs Amprobe Insp-3 Feedback Please

I’m looking to invest in a better circuit analyzer. I have (4) 3-light testers and for some reason they don’t last very long. The one I like the best is a Sperry HGT6120 but after several hundred tests I start getting a “Bad Ground” indication. I’ve gone through two of them already. I’m not sure why. So I’m looking at either purchasing a Suretest 61-165 or an Amprobe Insp-3. Just would like some feedback on what others may have in their trucks. I’ve read many reviews outside of this forum but they aren’t all that helpful. Some claim the boot-up on the Suretest is a problem along with the dongle not seating properly. Having to remember to hold the GFCI test button in on the Amprobe before plugging it in also isn’t very intuitive.

I really don’t care about the SOP for this discussion as it’s not relevant. I would appreciate your feedback.

I use the Extech CT80, the only issue I have with it is that it is bulky and doesn’t fit into my pouch.

I use the Suretest and never had a problem with it. Very durable.

I also use the SureTest. I’ve had a few issues where they’ve stopped functioning properly, but Ideal has always repaired them at no cost to me, other than shipping.

I haven’t seen this one. I’ll have to do some investigating. Thanks! Also, I want to thank the other responses. Looking to put an order in very soon.