Suretest TKO

Alright so I’ve grown tired of sending back my SureTest circuit analyzer, this would be my third time in two years, and am looking for other options. I’m not really interested in the little three light testers, unless that’s recommended for us HI’s, but something similar to the SureTest in function.

What are you all using and where can I get one?

I carry several SureTest meters - 3 actually. This way, I always have one that is functioning properly.


Guess that speaks volumes to the product quality.

Thanks Jeff.

I carry two of them, an older model and the newer digital read out model. I’m interested in something (one unit) that is reliable.


The instruments are somewhat “delicate” and don’t stand up well to any abuse, however, Ideal has repaired or replaced the unit at no cost, every time it has been sent in - no questions asked.

Personally, for the purposes of HI’s, I think it’s the best instrument that we can use during inspections.

FWIW - I sent in two of them last year for a factory required “upgrade,” and haven’t had any issues since.

I have one that went “KLUNK” only 3 months after I purchased it. Needless to say I did not purchase another one. Easier for me to explain to people how they work than to work one myself…lol…Im on a limited budget…:wink:

Here we go again.

I went ahead and sent my SureTest back for repairs in June and it’s broken again. Last week I plugged it into a receptacle and it started smoking. :shock:

This will be the fourth time I’ve sent it back for a replacement. :roll: