SureTest vs. GFCI tester

I’m looking to hire someone who knows how to use a SureTest device.

My goal is to wire up at least a dozen receptacles, each with a different electrical defect, each giving a different test result using the SureTest device.

And then compare those results from the SureTest device with a simple GFCI tester.

Anyone capable and interested in being hired to come to NACHI.TV and build this demonstration with us?:grin:

Are you paying for travel expences? I hear the slopes are open again. . . :wink:

I am not sure but I don’t think there are 12 ways to mis wire a receptacle.
Also I don’t think a sure test has that many functions.

"There must be 50 ways to leave your outlet…

I heard that there was an ASHI convention, in which an electrician had many receptacles lined up. All wired improperly. All differing from each other. And he had inspectors inspect them one by one. Most inspectors used a simple GFCI tester. The cool thing about was that all of the receptacles had electrical wiring defects, but the testers that the inspectors used did not have the ability to detect them. Which just gave everyone a scare.

As to how many ways one can screw it up, the answer is neither 50 nor 12. There are exactly 125 possible ways to wire a 120 volt receptacle. This is derived from the fact that there are 3 terminals on the receptacle, and there are 5 ways to wire each terminal (Line 1, Line 2, Neutral, Ground, No Wire Connected)

Sounds like operator error.


I agree with the last statement.

I think that’s the point. Isn’t it?

Contact John Dukes at Ideal Industries. he has a great layout of what the sure test can do, drop me a line for his contact info. We had him as a guest speaker. at a chapter meeting. I would think that Ideal would have a rep in the area and would be more than happy to do iNACHI TV.