Got my new SureTest (I have three now :roll: ). I like the new display. I’ll have to get used to the new menue. . .

Hi Jeff, I agree, I love mine, I waited for them to bring this one out a few months ago, only thing I hate about it is the price ;-), but it really impresses people who understand what it does and how it shows the results, If there is anything better I still have to find it (although Greg might argue with me)

This is the second one that I have I bought the first one about 5 years ago an old ST1 that still woks well see here:



There is even a test for a “shared neutral” at an AFCI. Impressive. . .

damn Jeff, you must have been reading the instructions first, and you call yourself a man,:mrgreen:



When my 155 went bad they replaced it with the 165.

Is that a 165?

Yup. 61-165, new and improved.


What do they cost now?

I think I paid $340. . .

Thanks, I was wondering if you found a deal on them somewhere.

Deals from SureTest are too rare. They generally make a good product, and you have to pay for it.

Sounds like some phone calls, people looking for deals…ha

Page 32 $275.00

Thanks Todd.

I don’t have a 165 but it looks like a handy instrument.

I still use my old, crusty, 155, but it is still pretty handy.:smiley:

I got my Suretest on EBAY…got a good deal on it about 1 year ago…paid 200.00 for it...retailed for over 300.00…

Thanks Paul…was it new?


what are the improvements…over the previous model?

Yes, it was brand new and still with the warranty card…

Hey Dale…here is one going CHEAP

The LED is nicer than the LCD for photo purposes

I just got it Paul. Give me a day or two to work it out.