Gotcha my brother…knowing you and the stuff you run into…you will become the SURETEST go to guy…let me know how it compares to the previous model…I simply love my LCD display one…I dont do much with photos and my tester…but i can see why LED would show up better:)

Well, the old model was better for including pictures in the report (the display reads more obvious to a layman), but the new one has a few more bells and whistles.

Here is a sample of the same reading between the two. . .


Honestly I kinda like the one that reason NO GROUND versus the dots myself…from what I hear the main change is the AFCI tester works on the new ones…versus the 61-155 model like I have…have you tested both on a AFCI circuit yet?

I haven’t tested the new one on the AFCI yet. The old one worked fine, but this new one will give an indication of shared neutrals on an AFCI by sending a small interruption that will “nuisance” trip the breaker (so it says).

I’ve got an older model w/o the AFCI feature also. This one will trip an AFCI when checking ground impeadance. I don’t know why, maybe you can tell me.

To test ground impedance, you must produce a ground fault.

That will trip the GFCI.

Hope this helps;

I understand that, I’m wondering why it trips the AFCI.

The ground fault is greater than 30ma?

I’m not sure how I would know the answer to that Greg.

The measured ground impedance is usually less than 1 ohm (if that means anything) and the instrument uses an average of three watts to operate (according to its listing).

Does that help?

The AFCI should trip at 30ma so I imagine somewhere in that “average” there is a 30ma ground fault. They also have a short duration 12a load test too if I understand this thing correctly. I would really like to see what one looks like with a CT and a scope … but not $200-$300 worth of curiosity :wink:

Awww…come on Greg…are you not loaded with moola…thehehehe…buy one fella…teheheh