Surface type panel box

This appears to be a surface type panel box in a wet location (exterior) which should be mounted with a min. 1/4" airspace between the box and wall or supporting surface. Is this opinion correct or could this box a different type which is allowed to be recessed in the EIFS wall material?
Thanks in advance. - Al

IMG_4285 (Small).jpg

That’s what appears to be a “Semi-flush” meter main. They have a nailing flange around the outside, sorta like new construction windows, and just a couple inches protrudes. Popularly used on stucco homes. Geographicly more prevalent in the west and southwest.

Hi Al,

I would agree with Mark, however I would be rather more concerned about the joint between the EIFS and the box, check for proper back-wrapping of the mesh, backer rod and caulking I’ve never sen one done properly yet!!