Surprise, another Flushmate recall

Do you look for these recalled units? The list just got bigger. Flushmate® Recalls Flushmate II 501-B Pressure-Assisted Flushing Systems Due to Impact and Laceration Hazards |

Just imagine the lid blowing into pieces when your taking a dump! Wow!!

Might be a rumor, but I heard that these power flush units can suck the innards right out of you if you flush it while sitting on it.

what ???!!! :o

How an airplane toilet can ruin your life

“Flushing While Seated May Suck Your Colon Out Of You And Cut You A New Orifice While Changing Your Gender In Ways You Don’t Even Want To Think About.”

How an airplane toilet can ruin your life - The New York Times

Thanks Frank…
WOW :shock:

I don’t think so. I have never seen a toilet ring that seals to the bowl, which would have to happen in order to generate that kind kind of suction. Every toilet ring I have seen has offsets that would prevent that.

A quick internet search reveals that stories about people getting stuck to airline toilets are not true, and the NY Times article was obviously a humor piece.

Those Flushmate injuries numbers are insane, though. How on earth did it ever get to the point where 1400+ incidents involving property damage, with 23 people injured by the things? And a foot injury? I would love to know the back story on that. On the other hand, no.

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Manufacturer recalls pressure-assisted toilet flusher after reports ofexplosions, injuries .

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