Surprise - someone forgot to check water shut-off's

Inspected a banked own home today that had it’s water turned on last weekend. When I entered the home (6-days later) I heard right away sounds of water running. Walked into the kitchen to find water dripping out of cabinet below sink and the entire floor area in front of the sink was submerged in water. Immediately went to basement and found extensive water damage. The suspended ceiling “Dropped”, finished walls soaked, basement floor flooded, electrical service panel cover was dripping wet. Cause of the flooding was the supply hose to the dishwasher was removed and shut-off was not capped, valve had a slow trickle in closed position. I hate to be the company or individual responsible to explain what happen. My client stopped inspection before it started. I still got paid and gave credit towards next inspection.

Somebody will be saying OUCH!!!

Seen same before.
Must be common.
Those foreclosures are beggining to dry up a little over here lately.