Surprise Super Bowl Contest

Surprise Super Bowl Contest

Whoever picks the winning team and guesses the actual score wins. Whoever gets the closest wins, if no one picks it exactly. If there is a tie, the first person to post and qualify as a winner gets the prize.

PRIZE ($400 value)

Free Infrared-Certified Training Webinar on Feb 22-23, 2014

(This is for new people who need training. This prize is not for those who already have training and are doing IR inspections).

Brancos win 24-21

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41-24 to Denver

Broncos. 31-17

Broncos 31-20

Seattle 24 Denver 21

Seahawks 24-21

I would love to take your IR course. See what happens.

Broncos 28-17

28-22 Denver

Seattle 17
Denver 13

24 to 31 Seahawks

Denver 31
Seattle 17

21 to 28 Seahawks win!

I cannot wait to see Manning get sacked :slight_smile:

Denver 35 Seattle 21

Denver 24
Seattle 17

Broncos 38-27

denver 28-20

Update -Seattle 54-0

35 32 Denver

2-0 Seattle…:slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly thanks for the chuckle… Roy