Surreal Inspection

Today’s Inspection was special.

I was hired to do an inspection for a handicap client. He was suffering from MS, the worst type.

So I start the inspection and meet the seller. No once else was in attendance until the end.

The seller and his daughter were both very kind, helpful and were following me around. (this is the seller not the buyer)

I see a picture of a beautiful lady and inquire, turns out his wife dies about 1 year ago of MS. His house was handicap accessible, and ranch style.

The house is well built, well maintained and very little needs correcting.

So I finish about 45 minutes before client and agent arrives and sit at there kitchen table, next thing there cat is rubbing against me and both the seller (Tim) and daughter sit by me with there computers. They already served me coffee. I was talking to both and it was very pleasurable. (The daughter was in her 20’s and easy on the eyes, just like her MOM)

Then the buyer, his brother, care giver, agent arrive and go over the inspection. The handicap buyer was very kind and had a great sense of humor.

I asked him about his disability and it was very heartfelt how he has progressed to a wheel chair.

It was surreal to me because the norm are houses older, poorly maintained, modified by non professionals and yesterday after driving to home to set up a radon test on a house I was not inspecting to be turned away by the seller because he would not follow the testing protocol and basically wasted an hour of my time.

Today was special!!

Sometimes this job is actually pleasurable.