suspected vermiculite

I was in an attic with what suspect is vermiculite. What is simple verbage to use in the report to report this?

Do you know what AC insulation (vermiculite) looks like? Be careful when telling your clients about Asbestos. Insulation is not considered an ACM until tested by a lab.

  1. Report the vermiculite insulation as a suspected asbestos containing material (ACM)

  2. Report that if additional insulation is needed, or other work is needed in the attic (or walls with suspected vermiculite), testing this material for ACM is necessary and if results come back as positive for ACM’s, an asbestos abatement by a licensed asbestos contractor will likely be needed.

  3. Under no circumstances should the suspected vermiculite be disturbed or sampled by anyone other than a licensed asbestos contractor.

  4. Refer clients and real estate agents to the Ohio Dept. of Health website

EPA Fact Sheet “Asbestos in Vermiculite Insulation”

Vermiculite examples

Thanks guys. I am pretty sure it is vermiculite based on the research/photos.