Suspicious air register

I have this gut feeling the register in this pic has detached from foundation (footing) movement. This is near the corner of a living room where the nearby downspout has been discharging water for 20 years. There are no visible exterior foundation cracks and the basement foundation walls are paneled. I can’t think of any other reason for this issue. Any takers? :wink:


What is that white stuff on the carpet?

Looks like water damage causing the register to move.


Is there any current dampness around the register?
Are the screws tight into studs or blocking, or are they just into the drywall? Could be a problem with homeowners vacuum skills. :slight_smile:
Any signs of moisture penetration from the exterior?
Could be condensation issue, depending on air flow, humidity and insulation around the boot.

Thanks guys. Russell my friend, did you move? :wink:

Anyway, I screwed up and will need to go back out in the morning. I noted the register issue but didn’t search for a cause. #-o The seller is cool and and appreciates my honesty that I goofed. :shock:

Yep. Second the motion on the (likely) moisture staining. Only time I ever saw that much on a wall penetration like that turned out to be a leaky pipe joint on the other side of the wall in the bathroom (other side of wall), with a lot of mold growth inside the wall cavity. Deserves a close look? Happy hunting and glad I’m not there.

Hey Erol, no, I haven’t moved but it’s probably been a couple of years since Iv’e done any posting. I noticed the few posts that I had in the past were so old they are now in the archives. Got two new hips last year so now I’m feeling great and getting back into the game!! Thread drift? Well I guess hips could be considered structural!! :slight_smile:

#-o #-o #-o

It’s been a very long winter…

The Lennox furnace (as noted) is in very poor condition and twelve years past due. :wink: I’m going with Russell in that it’s a “crud duct” TM :smiley: spewing out condensation. Original, 52 year old ducts never cleaned. Can’t wait to stick my head down there. That’s all there is behind that wall, duct work to basement with no cracking anywhere - in or out.