Sweat resistant touch screens

My blackberry Z30 becomes useless when a drop(s) of sweat hit the screen.
Do screen protectors help? What devices are you fellows using that don’t have this issue? Do they all have this problem?


If I have this question in the wrong place let me know. I would kindly like to know how you fellows deal with sweat dropping on your phone/device being used in the inspection. Don’t know if it is only my device or common to all. If I saw this and had an answer/ solution I would certainly help not just skip over it. Thank you for your time.

I have screen protectors on my Note 4 and don’t seem to have any issues with it or my ipad mini.

Thanks Charles, The HG people thought newer phones like yours aren’t affected as badly. Wonder if it is the Note 4 or the protector. Either way at least I know sweat doesn’t cause problems for all on a touch screen.