Sweating bricks

The area around the crawl space vents about six feet out on the brick wall is sweating alot year round, cold or hot, closed or not. What is problem?

got any pics

need pics

Need pics or a Ouija board :slight_smile:

Ouija board says N-E-E-D-P-I-C-S.

This is a prefect opportunity for me to show why I think a digital camera is an important tool in the Home Inspector arsenal.
Give me a flashlight , screwdriver , and a camera and I can do a good Inspection.
My senses are all I really need for the rest.

I have pics but can’t seem to get them attached to message could you help?


Jerry, if you have problems with that Tutorial, let me know and I will walk you through it.

Some fine gentleman did the same thing to me when I started, so I understand you position.

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Leaking/detached dryer vent pipe.

Here in Massachusetts, conditioned crawlspaces are awesome.

The bricks have a high specific heat due to their mass/weight. They may stay cool (relative to outdoor temps) from cool night temperatures. If the crawlspace air is very damp from whatever reason (no moisture barrier on ground, pooling water, broken dryer duct), air wafting out of the vents may be condensing on the cooler brick.