Many areas full of sweat. Inadequate venting, no moisture barrier, and severe water seepage under house.





What caused the excessive moisture?

Did you probe those rim boards?

NO cross ventilation, no moisture barrier, and alot of water seepage under home. I believe this is what has caused the moisture. THe boards were are still in good shape but very dark. Recommended termite co to inspect repair / replace as needed. Install ventilation, moisture barrier and correct water seepage. The house had 2 large poured concrete porches on the front and back that had no venting and had no area to put venting. This seems to be the culprit. I have seen it a couple times in the last few months. Last time venting corrected it almost immediately.BUt yes, I referred it just in case.

Termite companys here do all of that kind of work. Repairs, moisture control, etc, etc.

We see the interior but what about the exterior pictures? Is the ground surface above this point? Is there excessive moisture around the ground level? What about the roof line? Is there an area where the water is running down inside the walls? Many possibilties for this. What is the exterior covering of this building?


Ground level was correct, slightly higher than dirt inside crawl which has cased some of the water seepage. Vinyl siding. Roof was fine. There were no leaks on roof.


I have a problem with what I see in your pictures. If you took these photographs recently in Tennessee, I have a gut feeling that you have water in the walls. Quite possibly from a gutter problem. Does this house have gutters? I see vinyl siding. What’s with the brick wall foundation? Seldom see a foundation without a CMU around here.

The water patterns that I see are flowing from the rim joist in. If in fact this is condensation rather than moisture intrusion, you will need an air duct leak or a dryer vent leak and be inspecting a house in Wisconsin somewhere.

You do have a lot of water intrusion (about a foot deep at times).

I agree with the lack of of moisture barrier and moisture intrusion, but I think there is water intrusion up high somewhere.

Do you have a ledger board that sticks out beyond the vinyl siding where the foundation starts? The starter strip or the “J” channel at the bottom of the vinyl siding attics like a gutter and can send water in rather than out.

Good any more pictures?

Did you measure moisture content in the wood structure? What was it?

The termite contractor has also inspected the moisture issues and provided estimates for repair of moisture barrier, water seepage, and vents. He agreed witht he assesment of the above criteria. I have not spoke to hime, it came through the realtor.

The siding went down and overlapped the brick, no ledger, nothing to trap water. Gutters were draining well no repairs needed, no water intrusion anywhere else on the house. Was raining at time of inspection.

Like I said, this is not the first time I have seen this, it was sweat last time as well. Also confirmed by another contractor. Building codes are lack around here, and most contractors know nothing about venting, moisture control, etc.

Gutters were on fascia board that was a good 18 inches out from the exterior walls. There was also visible access to the soffit areas in the attic with no signs of water or moisture in attic. No moisture in walls, nothing along floor line. I chalk it up to the above list of items. I did refer to cover my rear just in case. But there was nothing that was bring water into the house from above.

One other thing they may have contributed was the a/c -heat was off and the temp the day before was about 15-20 degrees higher and sunny. This day was rain and COLD and windy. The interior of house was less than 50 degrees, the thermostat was not registering b/c it was too low.

There were no duct leaks, dryer vent was proper, and unless I took a wrong turn I was still in TN. ? .


That is a lot more moisture than I like to see around here!

I see in your other posts that you you are about to become “Mr. Moisture Intrusion” like ME!

If you need a Geologist I have one here that works for Shaw but will sub. He has his own LLC but contracts for Shaw. Has also worked for MacTech in Fla.

Very informational