Sweet A

Got done yesterday about 1 PM so I went down to the lake and rigged up my Craigslist sailboat, a Catalina Capri called the Sweet A, it was the Sweet Pea but in my laziness I just removed the P&E.

Sails like new and handled well.

Got off the boat about 3:30 and go to the truck and ring, ring, realtor called and a lender and I booked 2 inspections. I am considering this as my marketing technique but what will I do in the winter?

Get a rig go ice fishing and advertise.

Ken, you made my day. Keep the Spotted Cow on the ice at the same time eh?

Two Women, Totally Naked is more my style :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I feel sorry for non Wisconsinites. New Glarus is only available in WI.

New Glarus makes some great beers and we have Scott Walker for governor.:smiley:

Ok you guys, I’m taking the wife to Wisconsin tomorrow to vist open houses:mrgreen:

Just pay the toll.

You can send me $10 via paypal($20 for liberals)

I’ll be making reservations as well. I’m thinking a nice cabin in the snow drifts would be an alternative to the sierras in the winter…

20 bucks for liberals, damn I’ll just get my buddy Obama to send you a check.

The check will be for $200, you take $50 for your trouble and mail me the difference:mrgreen:

I’ll take it all if the check ever arrives.

Consider it a donation to a good cause.

Typical Tea Party mindset, poor guy gets money from the liberals, conservatives take money from the poor guy.:wink:

The poor need to work if able.

Liberals think it OK to pay lazy asses and give them cell phones.

How dumb is that?

Giving people cell phones is pretty silly, I made my kids do household chores to “pay” for their cell phones.

Hi Paul,

I’m curious what kind of inspection did the lender want? Do you actively market to lenders? Was it a major bank or a mortgage broker? I curious about this market. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks, David

David, for the 203K program some lenders insist on a home inspection and since they know me as a 203K consultant I am referred.

Good deal for me as I can do a home inspection and then a feasibility estimate and make an extra $150 for 30 minutes work all while giving the buyer a $100 discount. I am already there and I just take parts of my report and add cost to cure numbers.

When I say lenders I mean loan officers. For them one call to me handles having a home inspection, work write up, radon, mold, and well. Shave a few days or a week of waiting to call for an appraisal. Its become a niche service to the lenders.

Today I am doing a feasibility to a real estate agent who I am meeting for the first time. She asked if I did home inspections and after I said yes she confided that would be very valuable to her to make one call for all her K jobs. We’ll see how it goes as I am meeting her at noon with my new agent gift of fresh roasted coffee.

You Sly Dog, you:)


Thanks for the reply Paul. As they say, the riches are in the niches. You certainly have found an awesome niche.

Got back from a Feasibility which is now a full 203K and sitting in my driveway the phone rings for a home inspection with feasibility tomorrow evening.

Plus today’s agent liked the gifted coffee too! I am liking how its been going lately.

A truly lazy person would have only removed the ‘a’ and applied another ‘e’ in it’s place! :wink: